Senior Marketing Manager

Job description


1. Responsible for the company's overall market promotion and marketing management, cooperate with the formulation of marketing policies and communication strategies, clarify the annual development goals and budgets, and organize the team to implement

2. Promote the company's brand communication and expand the corporate brand influence, Improve reputation and popularity

3. Responsible for planning and development including PR, SNS, Facebook fan events and major overseas exhibitions

4. Responsible for various market projects to ensure that projects meet the company's requirements in terms of progress, quality and safety, establish a risk prevention and control mechanism

5. Responsible for the investigation of the company's market front-end needs, establish a process mechanism and continue to optimize

6. Responsible for the internal organization and personnel construction and management of the market team




1. Bachelor degree or above

2. 5 or more years working experience in related industries and medium-sized enterprises

3.  Proficient in oral and written English

4.  Overseas project experience and resources priorities

5.  Able to withstand higher-intensity work pressures