Sales Systems Operations Manager

Job description

1. Responsible for the sales system operators (electricity sales, APP, SMS, push multi-channel) at overseas credit financial products online and offline, to ensure continuous optimization to improve the marketing system, responsible for sales and operations synergies efficiency effect;

2. Formulate a multi-channel collaborative operation plan, dismantle sales tasks, form detailed operational plans and operational indicators, and promote relevant parties to achieve mission goals based on the operational indicators;

3. Promote and control APP channels, telemarketing channels, SMS channels, and push channels as planned Implementation, and promote the performance improvement of various channels.

4. Discover and solve key issues in the promotion process and continuously improve user conversion;


1. 3 years of operating management experience, familiar with online and offline operating strategies and methods;

2. Deep understanding of user marketing;

3. Data sensitivity Excellent sex;

4. Good communication skills in English;

5. Accept overseas business trips.